February 20, 2019

Save in May on Drinking Water Solutions

Culligan of Sleepy Eye, MN provides many solutions to improve your drinking water including water filters, reverse osmosis systems, bottled water delivery, and Bottle-Free® coolers. These are all great for your home or … [Read more...]

Should I purchase Bottled Water or Filtered Drinking Water Systems?

Should I purchase Bottled Water or Filtered Drinking Water Systems? With the advances in water treatment technology, it is becoming less clear as to whether bottled water or filtered water in your home or … [Read more...]

Magnetic Water Treatment Devices – 3rd Party Research

Only water softeners soften water. Don't be fooled by magnets and magic beads! Many companies promote salt free devices as an alternative to traditional water softeners.  While the concept is a nice one, laboratory … [Read more...]

Learn the facts about Salt Free Devices and Culligan’s Salt Free solutions

If you are looking to install salt free water treatment equipment in your home or business, you should learn the facts about product options and product technology. Culligan offers many salt free options to fit the … [Read more...]

Benefits of using Culligan water

The BENEFITS of using Culligan water in your home: Reduce water heating costs up to 29% Extend life of appliances and plumbing Save an average of $90 a month....ask Culligan how! Enjoy brighter and whiter … [Read more...]